About MOB

What is MOB all about?

Man, I love Pinterest. I get my home DIY ideas there, I set ridiculously high standards for children’s birthday parties there, I do my seasonal closet planning there, BUT, I love it most of all for finding tasty new recipes to try.

It’s generally more reliable than any random cookbook (those glossy pictures sure are deceiving – am I right?), but even then, how do you know that what you’re investing your time and money into is really going to be a hit?

Not everything is a good (or as easy) as it looks, and no one wants to re-create a yucky cheese wheel. That’s what I’m here for.

I’m your test kitchen, if you will. My mission is to pick the tastiest looking recipes, try them out for you, post pictures of how they look in reality (Pinterest fails, anyone?), and rate them in a number of ways to convey where each recipe falls in terms of the average busy homemaker’s needs.

In the end, you will know whether each recipe is a MUST (really, it’s good as-is), a BUST (do not try this at home), or an ADJUST (delicious, with a bit of tweaking).

About me

Hi! I’m Heather. As a working mother of three, I don’t have time to waste on bad recipes. Do you?

Dinner needs to be quick, affordable, and most importantly, super delicious. This is a constantly growing site of the best recipes that Pinterest has to offer. Welcome, and have fun building YOUR rotating list of really awesome meals!

I am a pretty good cook. Not awesome (or patient enough for super detailed and beautiful pastries – although I wish I were), and definitely not terrible. I can follow a recipe and make things turn out as intended – I even create new things on occasion, which I get really excited about. I have three kids.

I have a husband. I have a day job. Life is busy. You want to know how I have planned my meals until now? I chose from a spreadsheet of favorites and rotated. Yeah, that gets old fast…but not if you have a long enough list 😉

I’m a lover of casseroles, pastas, moist and tender cuts of meat, and scrumptious desserts…all in an hour or less (unless I have the help of a crockpot). I really don’t have time for failed attempts at meals, so I assume you don’t either, right? You want a someone reliable, in a similar situation to you, who can give it to you straight.

In that case – I’m your girl.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf