Baked Spaghetti – Pinterest BUST

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I’ve tried this recipe TWICE.  How does that old saying go…?  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on ME.  Seriously, shame on me.

First of all (this might be a rant), I’m annoyed that someone suggested cooking a tomato sauce in a cast iron pan.  DISGUSTING (sorry for stealing your word, Trump)!  After seasoning my cast iron pan by not washing it with soap over the years, I’m supposed to put acidic tomato sauce in it to simmer for 30 minutes?  Not only is that going to ruin my seasoning job, but I also think of it like deglazing a pan with wine – it strips up all of the bits-o-flavor.  That means the oils from meals past.  I don’t want to incorporate that into my spaghetti — but I did.  And I wasn’t thinking.  I should have known better, but I did it this way because that’s what the recipe said!  GROSS!!!!!!  Also, did you know that if you cook something acidic in a cast iron pan and then cover it with aluminum foil, you will essentially be creating battery acid?!?!?!?!?!?  Yeah, me either…until holes began to appear on my foil and I found what USED TO BE FOIL on top of my baked spaghetti!!  Seriously, I’m an idiot for keeping the spaghetti in the skillet and transferring it to the fridge.  But this fact about tomatoes, iron, and foil has never come up before.

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Okay, so thinking was the problem, I tried this recipe again, but this time in a dutch oven.  Ha-HA! I think I have mastered it this time and this meal is going to be delicious!!!!  Uh…not really.  I mean, it was okay, but when I imagined a cheesier, more flavorful spaghetti, I didn’t picture what it would taste like as leftovers.  Truly, that’s what makes this recipe a bust for me.  It was just fine the first night, but the day after it tasted like noodles that had been plopped in tomato paste.  I wish there were a word to describe my disgust.  Yuck.


SO…if you want an alternative to spaghetti, you can try this, but ONLY if you swear you won’t make it in a cast iron pan AND ALSO if you can eat it all the first night (warning: it makes a lot).

Baked Spaghetti recipe courtesy of Good Dinner Mom.

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