Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders

Hot ham and cheese sandwich

Everybody likes little warm, gooey sandwiches, right? Mmmmmm…thought so. These little guys were definitely a hit with my crew this week!

Pros:  Do I even need to go through the list?  They’re warm and delicious.  They’re a little bit toasty and a little bit soft.  They’re sweet and savory all in the same bite.  You really can’t eat just one, nor should you have to!

Cons:  They’re a little bit too sticky for my taste.  The flavor is awesome, but the method of pouring the mustard-butter sauce all over the sandwiches means you basically have to eat them with a fork if you don’t want sticky fingers.  Next time I’m going to try to spread the sauce on the inside instead of smothering them and we’ll see how that goes.

Notes:  In the original recipe on The Cozy Little Kitchen, Leslie suggests using hot & sweet mustard and I definitely agree.  She also says to use garlic powder OR onion powder.  I chose onion powder, which was a winner.  

Lastly, I have a really big cake pan, I just measured and it’s 10×15″, anyway, it holds two batches of these little sliders just perfectly, which was great for taking them to a park party. And by the way, don’t EVER skimp on the bread. If you use anything other than Hawaiian Rolls, you will be so disappointed.

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  • Yum Factor – 10 – loved by kids and adults alike.
  • Time to Prep – 10 – I prepped the sauce a bit and sliced the bread during naptime, which helped me to quickly whip it together at the right time.
  • Simplicity of Ingredients – 10
  • Ease of assembly – 10 – really, it can’t be easier.
  • Bang for your buck – 10 – I fed eight adults and six kids for less than $20, and that’s buying fresh deli meat!
  • Overall practicality – 8 – and I’m only deducting points because these tasty sandwiches are on the messy side, and my kids are super messy with no help at all.

I have to leave you with one more note.  I know these things are typically seen as “party food,” perfect for game days, holidays, and the like (totally agree), but I would make these for any old weeknight.  My family LOVES them, and I think they’re the perfect start to my list of Pinterest Musts!

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