Smoked Sausage

This type of recipe is not new to my household, but the methods of preparation are head and shoulders above how I’ve been doing it.  

I had to tell the world!

So, in the past I’ve tried to replicate a hash recipe they serve at Silver Dollar City.  

You’ve been there, right?  

Well, I’ve been making my version in my cast iron skillet, which adds good flavor, but the potatoes cook very slowly and end up sticking all over the pan. Ugh…

This recipe is made in the OVEN, and is not nearly as rough in terms of clean up.  

I also like the addition of dried thyme and paprika.  And in my kitchen, I like to add some frozen corn for a yummy crunch.  

It’s absolutely a repeat easy meal that I recommend.

**Special note: If you’re looking for a way to make this meal even EASIER, grab a 32oz bag of Ore Ida Diced Hash Browns.  They fall apart a little more than fresh potatoes, but if you’re in a pinch, it’s still super tasty this way.


  • Yum Factor – 10 – Smoked sausage, cheesy potatoes…all in one scrumptious dish.
  • Time to Prep – 10 – Slice and dice, baby!
  • Simplicity of Ingredients – 10 – All of these ingredients are on my grocery list almost every week, so that’s a win.
  • Ease of Assembly – 10
  • Bang for Your Buck – 10
  • Overall Practicality – 10 – if it’s easy, cheap, AND the kids like it, I’m all in.

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