Swiss Cheese Chicken

Cooked Swiss Cheese Chicken

We get together with a few other families for Supper Club every few weeks.  Four to five couples with an average of two kids means we need A LOT of food for NOT A LOT of money or effort.  This is the perfect recipe for that.  Now, I don’t like swiss cheese, so I took a cue from the original recipe‘s author and used pepper jack instead.  A few bites were a little spicy for my kids’ taste, but I bet it would be good with monterey jack or maybe even provolone. Next time…


  • Yum Factor – 8 – this is a pretty good casserole in my book!
  • Time to Prep – 10 – It’s sooo quick & easy, but next time I’ll take a second to chop the chicken up a little smaller before dumping it in the dish.
  • Simplicity of Ingredients – 10
  • Ease of Assembly – 10
  • Bang for Your Buck – 10
  • Overall Practicality – 9 – This is a great quick meal that will satisfy the masses.

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