Taco Pizza Rolls

Taco Pizza Roll

Wow. I really thought these little bites were going to be a smash hit. Walmart’s makes them look SO EASY, but my experience was definitely not a positive one.

The biggest obstacle was the refrigerated pizza dough.

I left it in the fridge right up until I was ready to use it, but as soon as the hot meat hit that dough, it was all over.

I wish I had taken my own video so you could see the dough NOT rolling up beautifully, as portrayed in the pretend – see NOT reality – video.

And then, when it was time to cut them into beautiful little bites, you can just imagine the mushy mess.  It was not pretty.

The flavor was nothing to write home about when all was said and done, either, and usually I can overlook the appearance of a meal if it tastes great.

Nope. The kids weren’t even excited about them, which was my main goal to begin with.  Ugh… all I can say is try these at your own risk.

Maybe refrigerate the meat for a bit after it has been cooked, but that would defeat the purpose of a quick dinner fix.

The rankings (1 = Terrible, 10 = Outstanding)

  • Yum Factor – 5 – But ONLY because it’s not focaccia, and that’s what I was really hoping would come out of my pan.
  • Time to Prep – 7 – Enough said.
  • Simplicity of Ingredients – 10
  • Ease of Assembly – 3
  • Bang for Your Buck – 10
  • Overall Practicality – 5 – All that effort for no reward.

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